A 6 bedroom house collects up to 40 pounds of dust each year.
— Environmental Protection Agency

Dust Busters LLC is dedicated to improving the indoor air quality of your home.  

Our company uses an advanced, truck mounted, filtered air duct cleaning system. Specialized tools are used to dislodge the debris and contaminates in your air ducts.

The first step in air duct cleaning is to connect a large diameter hose to access panels on the main trunk lines. This hose will carry all contaminates and debris out of your home into a container located in the truck.

Before the cleaning starts, duct masking/magnets are put over all heat registers and cold air returns which give the most suction power per vent during the cleaning.

Next the truck mounted vacuum is turned on, which puts your home under negative air. The equipment creates a huge vacuum in your entire duct system. What does this mean to you? No dust, dirt or debris is blowing around your home before, during or after the cleaning.

Then we will clean each opening with either a whip system or a brush system to dislodge debris. One vent is opened and cleaned at a time, ensuring the maximum amount of suction power for cleaning each vent. The contaminants and debris that have been dislodged from the air ducts are carried through the hose, out of your home into a container in the trailer.

As an optional step in the air duct cleaning process we can sanitize and deodorize your entire ventilation system at an additional charge. This will eliminate any mold, mildew, pollen, dust mites and bacteria that may harbor in your system. Sanitizing and deodorizing is very beneficial because it treats and kills these contaminates. We provide this optional service to create the healthiest living environment in your home.